How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Like a Pro

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse – So you believe your spouse is cheating?  Hopefully if you are reading this article you have good reason to believe your spouse is cheating on you. You are not here simply because he didn’t answer his phone or he didn’t call you back within a reasonable time frame.You are reading this article because your gut feelings tells you, he may be cheating.

He’s been giving all the signs that possibly there may be another woman and this has been going on for a while. Your relationship is not the same, he’s not the same. You are tired of arguing and crying about it. You need answers, so you can either enjoy being in your relationship, work on it,  or decide if you should leave it. With that being said lets discuss how to to catch a cheating spouse PI (Private Investigator) Style….


Catch a Cheating Spouse PI Style

The best way to catch a cheating spouse is not to be lazy. You have to get up and get involved in catching him. Stop relying on checking his email and trying to get his cell phone. Technology is making that not a good method for catching a cheating spouse. Have you picked up an Android phone? Jesus, trying to riffle through all the app’s and find information can be a little intimidating.  It’s not like the old flip phones, where everything was well… simple to figure out.  Forget email, he could have a hundred and one of those!

If he’s says he’s going out, Ask him where he’ll be and you make sure you find a clever way to “be there” without him knowing.

Ask if he would sign up for mobile video chat with you. So the both of you can video chat when ever you call.  This little tactic makes it inconvenient for him to just tell you any old thing about where he’s at.  Of course you don’t tell him this is the reason for video chat.  If he refuses or seem hesitant. Be ware!

Do your own surveillance. Be in places he’s most likely to be doing his cheating.  Be aware of everything such as the cars in the parking lot, people he’s hanging out with etc.

You will need a way of logging your findings either via photo, audio recordings and/or having a notebook ready to jot information down such as car descriptions and addresses.  This will help you recognize patterns, such as the same car always parked next to your spouses when he’s staying late at work.  Don’t rely on your memory. Get it down in print so it’s easy to refer back to and you have no doubts.

Keep in mind being in places to watch his coming and going takes a lot of time and effort. You may not get the information you need right away. So patience and keeping your cool is a must. Never ever, hint on your findings with him in conversation. He’ll suspect you been watching him. Don’t blow your cover, especially if you don’t have the cold hard evidence you need.

Be smart. Don’t ever put your life in danger by being out late or in areas that just don’t look safe. Don’t be sloppy. If you can’t do “surveillance” without it being obvious, don’t do it.

Get a pal you trust to come along so you are sure to keep your cool in the event you see something you don’t like. You are only to observe, not confront.  Also they can keep your notes while you focus on driving.

With this however, there are laws you have to watch in which I’ll point out later.  People do have a right to privacy whether or not they are cheating. So it’s best to know the law before you become “Inspector Catch Cheating Spouse“.

How to Catch Him Cheating Like a Pro

You can also hire a Private Investigator that is well equip to get the information you need. Best of all, he or she knows the law. Check with an attorney or your state PI organization.

You will need to sign an agreement spelling out the details of how information will be relayed to you, payment, confidentiality , etc.  Make sure the Private Investigator is a reputable one and has done  many other “successful” cases. Successful meaning, he/she did a thorough job in trying to discover if a spouse was cheating or not.

Be sure to give them all the information you have gathered to get them started in the right direction. They will need phone numbers, addresses, vehicle identification, photo’s …. etc. Once you feel comfortable you can move forward. Be prepared however, sometimes the person your spouse is cheating with can be someone you know. Prepare for anything, but hope for the best.

You Have a Right to Know if you have a Cheating Spouse

You don’t have to rely on his word. Especially if his word has proven to be faulty in the past. For peace of mind, you need to actually see him in action when his word doesn’t satisfy you. You need something he can’t talk his way out of.   Sure you can employ things like keyloggers, and cell phone spysoftware, but there’s nothing like having evidence that even the best liar couldn’t get out of.

It’s becoming harder and harder to catch a cheating spouse. There’s nothing like being with someone you feel you can’t trust or have doubts about. So if the signs that he is cheating are clearly there, get the peace of mind you need. Wouldn’t he do the same? Maybe so.

If you are wondering How to catch a cheating spouse, I hope this article has helped you come up with a plan and understand your options.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse – Know the Law

When doing things such as eavesdropping or taking photo’s. It’s usually acceptable to do it in a public setting, like at a park or restaurant. But you can’t do it where a person expect privacy such as in their home or in a bathroom, public or private.

When taking photo’s or doing surveillance its usually acceptable from publicly accessible places. However, being on private property and/or trespassing is not acceptable.

Should you employ keyloggers and spy equipment be sure you are not breaking any privacy laws in your state. Be especially careful if you want this gathered information to be used in court to prove why you are asking for a divorce. If you broke the law, your spouse can use that against you and/or say you manipulated the documents.

Know the law before you jump right in. You do not want to risk getting in legal trouble. Always be smart, don’t lose your head.

Conclusion to Catching a Cheating Spouse

Know when it’s time to stop looking for the answer you may already know.  Don’t let this consume your life. Depending on what you find will determine how you move forward in your relationship. Should you find that your spouse has been cheating and you have solid hard core evidence, you will need to plan how to confront him. Don’t just start throwing the evidence at him. Sure it will be hard not to do, but you should keep a cool level head at all times.

If you find he is cheating, listen to your mate. If he fesses up and begs for forgiveness , that could be a sign he still wants to stay with you. If he blames you for everything and denies he’s cheating then maybe he’s not interested in staying in the relationship. You will need to listen to what he’s saying to understand where’s he’s coming from. Then you decide if you are willing to forgive him or move on.

Article by Candace Harrison

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