IPhone & Android Apps – Apps You Need to Know about to Catch a Cheating Spouse

Aps that help men cheatCatching a cheating spouse is much different today than it was a few years ago.  There was a time you could grab his cell phone and look at the miss calls, incoming calls and outgoing calls and find some answers.  Then too, you could check his detailed cell bill and take a look at all the calls made for the month.  You could also look at text messages and see who he’s been texting. Sure enough, you could catch a him cold with just his cell phone alone!


Cheating Spouse? Check his “Apps”

Today, however, cheaters can cheat under the radar.  They can text and make phone calls from their cell phone without it showing up in their phone log or on the detailed cell bill.  Men can communicate with their mistress’s while giving you the impression they are squeaky clean. How you ask?

If your man has a smartphone beware he has access to many Applications or “Apps” that will help him become a very very smooth cheating spouse. He almost becomes the “invisible man”.

There are Apps today designed to give cheaters (male and female) more of an advantage and help them keep incriminating evidence off their cell and out of their email accounts.


What Kind of “Apps” Helps a Cheater

Apps like TigerText and TextFree allows a cheating man to send text messages back and forth with their lover on their cell. These texts are hosted on another platform, not by their cell phone carrier. So no matter how many times you check his cell bill or his cell phone, you will never see text messages he does not want you to see.

Then there’s tools like Google Voice that will allow your spouse to have a totally separate number that his mistress can call, again keeping the mistress’s number from being logged by his cell phone carrier or show in his call history.  The calls are being logged on a totally separate platform you don’t have access to.  Again you can check his detailed cell phone bill, you can scroll his outgoing and incoming calls, but you won’t find his mistress number there.

At one time Skype was the only game in town and video chat was only for computer to computer. Now there are  video chat Applications that work well with cell phones.  From his cell phone he can load the video software and video chat with his mistress. Again, nothing is being logged on his phone or on his cell phone bill.

There’s even a clever App that will erase texts and information stored on his phone should you somehow persuade him to give you his cell “passcode”. You see, should you manage to get the passcode out of him,  with use of this App he’s not really giving you his personal passcode.  He gives you the fake passcode he set up to erase all data from his phone.  When you unknowing use this passcode, you get in, but you  may have just erased all the incriminating data.

Another App acts like phone security. Your spouse loads this App onto his phone so that if you or anyone picks up his phone while he is not looking it will sound an alarm. So being sneaky trying to get into his phone, might get you caught red handed.

When someone wants to cheat, be sure they’re always trying to stay one step ahead to keep from being found out!


Cheating spouse and Aps

Suspect He’s Cheating on You?

If you suspect that your spouse or boyfriend is cheating. You may want to take a closer look at how he uses his Smart Phone and his “Apps”.  Phones aren’t the only ones getting smart. This article is not meant to expose all the Apps out there used to assist cheaters, but to make you aware they exist.

Always, have good hard evidence when accusing someone of cheating. As you risk causing unneeded problems in your relationship.  Before you go accusing him of using his cell phone and Apps for cheating, make sure you’ve done your research to validate your accusations.  Be mindful, if you go prying.. privacy laws are for everyone including cheaters. So if you’re looking for something, don’t get yourself into legal trouble.  Be smart. Keep your cool.

Article by Candace Harrison


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