Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me? He Keeps His Cell Phone Locked

Does My Boyfriend Really Love YouAre you wondering if  you have a cheating  boyfriend  or  husband  because he has a lock on his cell phone or other devices? Does it seems like his locks and/or pass codes only exist to keep you from finding out about something he’s doing? Well you are not alone, Many women often question why their man has a lock or pass code on his phone.

In this article we will talk about understanding why your man may have locks and pass codes,what to do if you feel uncomfortable about them and how to deal with suspecting  a cheating partner.

Cheating Husband?

Cheating Boyfriend?

Reasons Men Lock their Phone

Not every pass code  or lock means you have a cheating husband or boyfriend. Pass codes and locks are designed to keep people with bad intentions out that can  get access to private information and cause some kind of harm or damage once that information is received.  Today’s cell phones, as you know, are more than cell phones, they are like mini computers and if the wrong person gets a hold of it, it could lead to a world problems.  Men are very aware of this and lock their phone as you would for these reasons. Here we are giving them the benefit of the doubt, they are doing what anyone else would do.  However, there are more personal reasons a man could lock his cell phone as we’ll discuss below.

  • Some men keep their cells and digital devices on lock from girlfriends or wives that have  continually abused information on his phone.  Such as a jealous girlfriend calling every female in his contact list, of which one was his boss, his sister and his mother.   Abuse of his private information  either to use against him or to hurt him financially  is reason for anyone to lock their phone with a pass code to keep you out. You would do the same. You can’t blame a person for doing so as there are other ways to deal with things.
  • Another reason could be not wanting you to see videos , pictures or content you may find objectionable, weird, or unexplainable as to why he’s looking, getting or reading such things. These things while not signifying he’s cheating may just be more of an embarrassment or something he wants to keep to himself.  Maybe he doesn’t want you to see a video of a woman and a horse that he forwarded  to 10 other guys with a text that said “this is so cool”  for example. He doesn’t want you to see his “guy” stuff.
  • Because cell phones are much like laptops once you are in, you have access to a lot more. Such as emails, social media accounts, bank accounts, Apps and more. Rightfully you shouldn’t be in these things without his permission, thus the lock goes on.
  • And lastly, you have men that feel, it’s their cell phone , they pay the the bill and they don’t have anything to hide. They just don’t want anyone in their phone. It’s their right to Privacy.

While all of these are good reasons to lock your phone, the problem, however, comes when a man is secretive along with giving off signs that he could be cheating.  Things like; acting suspicious, taking calls in private, laying his phone face down so you cant see who’s calling, keeping his phone on silent, keeping his phone with him at all times even while in bathroom,  getting very uneasy when he thinks you may have access to his phone and not letting you use his phone are all potential signs that he may be hiding something from you.

However, communication with your boyfriend or husband will be needed to help you understand what is going on and/or if you have reason to be alarmed.

Some men believe telling their girlfriend or wife “it’s none of your business”  or “you’re  just nosy” will do as a reason for having a pass code and lock on their phone.  But, communication is always key in a relationship.  And the pass code issue is certainly something that needs to be communicated. Sitting down to discuss how and why pass codes and locks are used should be a conversation you  have with your man or husband if it’s causing an issue.

Talking Your Lock/Pass code Concern Over With Him

The first thing you should do is have a talk with your man if you are concerned about his lock on his cell phone.  This talk is not aimed to get him to give you his pass code, nor is it aimed at accusing him of cheating or other wrong doing. Your talk is just that…a talk about you feeling uncomfortable and if there is anything that can be done to make you or the both of you feel more comfortable when it comes to the cell phones.  You’ll want to make this clear before getting deep into the conversation with him. This way he’ll be more apt to talk as he is not feeling the stress of you attempting to get his pass code.

After your talk with him you’ll  need to walk away with an understanding of  what the lock or pass code is for. Is it for you? Is it only for outside intruders?  Does he feel comfortable with you knowing his  pass code?  Are there things in which he feels he needs to keep private? What kind of things are considered private?  Did a past girlfriend abuse his phone?  Is he communicating with someone he feels you might disapprove of? Is there a reason you should be concerned?  All these things helps to understand what’s really going on and  help you find a level of comfort.

With this said, however, you should be ready to talk about your pass codes and why you have them.   You should lead the conversation by talking about how you use your pass codes, who it’s intended for, if you feel comfortable with him knowing your pass code etc… But again, never asking for his pass codes or asking to go through his phone. You want to respect his  “privacy”.

Should he on his own unlock  his phone and give it to you to look through, you can decide if you want to accept his offer or refuse it. This could be an indicator of his trust with you and what’s on his phone. So, likewise if this happens be prepared to offer your phone or digital device as good will.

This is definitely not to say if he doesn’t  hand over his phone that means he’s cheating. So please don’t take it that way.

Understanding why he is locking his phone will help you both find comfort as you have now discussed it and laid your feelings out on the table. This is something most couples do not do. They allow their feelings and concerns to go on and on to build tension and stress inside of them until one day they explode with anger.

There are ways to talk this through without the other person feeling their privacy is being taken away.

When You Believe He’s a Cheating Husband or Boyfriend

Some men do have something to hide and that’s the reason behind all the locks and pass codes.  If you suspect  your man is cheating on you or up to something, you still need to communicate your concern and listen to his reasons for adopting such an army of pass codes to keep you out of his phones and other devices. Don’t challenge him on giving you his pass code, It’s still his phone and he still has a right to his privacy.  Then too, you’ll almost never get it, if he knows he’s hiding things from you.  Just listen to what he says during your conversation.  You’ll know if he’s being sincere or just blowing hot air at you.   Be smart, you don’t really need any of his pass codes to know he’s not living up to his end of the relationship. At this point if  you’re watching how he locks his phone, there’s other things he’s doing that makes you feel he could be cheating.

Don’t stress yourself out thinking you need to get his pass codes, see photo’s , see text’s to find out if he’s cheating or doing something behind your back. There are many other ways to  find out if he’s cheating as you’ll read on this blog.  Free your mind from the thought of  having his pass code is the solution.

In conclusion….

Your man having a lock or pass code on his cell phone is no reason to be alarmed. You’ll need to decipher when and when not his pass codes are a major issue in your life. If it makes you uncomfortable,  you’ll need to talk about it with him. As with any issue that come up, communication will help find understanding.

Be smart, most women know when private pass codes spell trouble, especially a cheating a boyfriend or a cheating husband.  If you sense something is wrong, more than likely you have good reason to believe it.

If you suspect you have a cheating husband or cheating boyfriend  that is hiding things from you, never accuse him of doing wrong without having hard core evidence to back you up. You’ll need more than just a hunch.  Always do your homework.

This is a topic than can easily turn into an argument. Be sure to stay level headed and keep your cool. When 2 people love each other they should be able to talk about anything.

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Article by Candace Harrison


Is he a cheating boyfriend or cheating husband? We hope you have found some insight here.

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