Does My Boyfriend Love Me? 5 Actions to Look For

Does My Boyfriend Love Me

Does My Boyfriend Love Me?

It can be difficult to totally understand the emotions of your mate. While you may try to get into their head, you may still struggle to understand how they feel.

Each relationship will have different signs and signals that will answer this question for you. With that being said, there are five different actions that may show that your boyfriend really does love you.


Does he Love You? 5 Actions to look for:


1. He Does the Small Things

People tend to focus on the larger aspects of relationships. They most times fail to look at the smaller things that mean a lot to their relationship. This is unfortunate, as most of the tell-tale signs of love can be found in these “smaller things”. Does your boyfriend work to make you smile? Is he extra-corny just to make you laugh? Is he making you dinner, or letting you pick the movie?  Yes, all of these small things show that your boyfriend is looking out for your feelings and emotions, and that he does have strong emotions for you.

2. He’s Talking about the Future

One of the biggest indicators of love is talking about a future with you. If he is talking about future dates, or future actions, you can know that he is thinking about you in his future. Whether it be the immediate future, or a distant future, you can be sure that he loves you or at the very least has deep feelings for you.

3. He’s Taking you Out

Does your boyfriend take you out to dinner,  to the movies or out on the town often? If your boyfriend likes to entertain you, he has strong emotions for you that could be love.

4. He’s Showing you Off to Friends

Your boyfriend would not show you off to his friends if he did not love you. Is your boyfriend inviting you to hang out with his friends? Does he constantly talk to his friends about you? Does he spend more time with you than his friends?  These are  signs that he values his relationship with you.

5. He Wants you to Meet the Family

One of the biggest steps in a relationship is the step that introduces you to your boyfriends family. Most men will not introduce a partner to their family unless they see potential in the relationship. If your boyfriend did not see this future, he would not introduce you to parents, brothers, or sisters. If he wants you to meet the family, you can be sure that he loves you.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Does My Boyfriend Love Me?Your boyfriend may not be the best at verbalizing his love for you. If he does struggle to vocalize his feelings, look at his actions. If you notice that his actions signify a deep  and sincere desire to make you happy, you can know that your boyfriend cares a lot about you.

If your relationship is new, be patient. Love grows at a pace of it’s own. Don’t expect him to Love you in just a few months. If he’s doing the things above Love is surely to follow.

On the other hand, If you have been dating a while and he’s showing a sincere desire to make you happy, more than likely love is in the air or just around the corner!


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