Using The Law of Attraction to Bring Back Lost Love and Happiness

Use Law of Attraction to Get Him BackCan you bring back lost love using the Laws of Attraction? The answer is yes. But maybe not as simple as just saying “yes”.

If you have just broke up with your partner you may be feeling hopeless and want to give up after all your attempts to reconcile have failed. This energy is what the universe hears and sees you putting effort into. So it delivers back to you this “feel bad” energy that feels even more hopeless and useless.

When it comes to getting back love and using the power of attraction, you have to be very careful. Dwelling on the negative aspects of the relationship can only attract more negative energies and vibes.

Often when a breakup happens, the person that doesn’t want the break up spins “out of control”. They are constantly texting, stalking, leaving  have ” pitty on me” voice mails, and contacting the others family members just to name a few.  These actions are often accompanied by thoughts of losing the one you love, not seeing them again, fear of someone else having them and thoughts of them thinking the worst of you.

The law of attraction can only return to you what you put your energy and thoughts into. So these “phsyco” tactics mentioned above often bring more phsyco tactics, more negative energy and pushes the person your trying to attract to you, further away.

How to Use Law of Attraction to Bring Back Love

To use the law of attraction to help you get back love; you have to clear your head, your mind and heart of these negative thoughts and stop putting energy into them. You must begin to think positive about yourself, your partner (as hard as it may be), and the reality of what is going on.  If you  think positive, positive energy will be returned to you.  What ever you put out to the “universe”, so it shall be returned to you.

To begin thinking positive thoughts that attract positive energy, it may require that you back up and give the person that has left you space to breathe and think too about what has just happened. Thus, giving them a moment to miss why they where with you in the first place. It may also mean cutting off communication for a while so that the 2 of you can calm down and think clearly about what  is needed to make it work.

During this down time doing things that bring positive energy like; meditation, being around good friends, going to your religious gatherings, getting counseling, and thinking only positive thoughts about your partner coming back to you, will begin to send out a positive energy to the “universe” that you desire to be free of your love pains. This is what the universe will begin to return to you. The key is not only think positive, you have to begin to live it too.

In order for the law of attraction to work, you have to be willing to work toward attracting the “feel good” energies you desire. It wont be easy at first, but it does get better with time and something that has to be practiced everyday. Taking time out for you, to attract the things you want in your life will begin to uplift you as you see all aspects of your life begin to change for the better.

Your Ex or might soon be Ex will begin to see you as strong and confident as you allow the laws of attraction to work for you. This is what ultimately brings back love.  You see, no one will ever be with you out of pitty, no one will be with you because you beg them for mercy on your soul or you constantly call them crying that you are hopeless without them.  People are attracted to individuals that have self confidence, walk with their head held high and show mental strength.

Manifesting the Law of Attraction

Love has a way of coming back around. It may not be as soon as you want it, but true love always shows up again. Whether it be getting back together, or just being good friends.

If you practice how to manifest the laws of attraction into your life, you will be a better person confident about life and your future when you come face to face with that person.  You will have in your possession something they do not. That is the power to “will” what ‘you’ desire into your life.

To hold bitterness, grudges and negativity will only keep love from ever resurfacing again. It will also follow you into other relationships causing you even more grief.

If you do not want the universe to serve your life negative energy, change your thoughts, your heart and your actions to positive , confident, strong, happy,  and selfless desires that will be returned to you by the universe at your request.

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