How to know if He Loves You – Tell Tale Signs He does

If you are looking for the answer to this question, more than likely, you are in a relationship or just going through a breakup and are confused about how he may feel about you.

If a man loves you it  is clearly shown by his actions. You have no doubts.  If you’re in a relationship the signs of love with be there for you to read clearly. Even after a breakup, you can still tell if he loves you.

Tell Tale Signs  He Loves You

  • A man will do everything he can to ensure your happiness. Hurting you is never an option. Even when it may benefit him, he will not want to hurt you. He will under no circumstances hurt you or make decisions that will hurt you. He will look for other options instead.
  • A man that loves you isn’t concerned with what you have to give him, he’s more concerned with what he can give you.
  • A man that loves you, not only tells you, he shows it. He’s there for you, you can depend on him, you feel like you have the greatest Man in your life.
  • He listens to you. He doesn’t blow you off or discount your feelings when you need to talk. He’s more patient, mild tempered in working through the tough times. There’s no sense of him not wanting to listen to you or not caring about what you have to say.
  • He’s involved in your life. He’s wanting to know your family and friends. He wants to spend time together doing the things you love to do. If you have kids , he want to involve the kids on outings that are fun and family oriented.
  • He talks about a future with you. A man that loves you, is wanting to spend his life with you. He’s see’s himself growing old with you and possibly having kids with you. There is talk of marriage and he’s refers to you as his Fiance even before he proposes, even before there is a ring.

These are just a few things. You can pick up more tale tale signs that a man loves you by reading the posts How Do I know if he Loves Me.

Broke Up? He Can Still Love You…


After a breakup doesn’t mean love is gone.  2 people can still be friends that will do anything for one another after a break up. Sometimes, couples make better friends than lovers.

Here are some good indicators that he loves you still:

  • He continues to keep in touch after breaking up
  • He’s still willing to meet with you for lunch or dinner
  • He doesn’t quickly move into another relationship
  • He speaks well of you to friends and family
  • He hugs and kisses you on cheek when meeting you or seeing you
  • He still says “love You” after a conversation, phone call , email or text
  • He flatters you with sayings like you were the best thing that ever happened to him
  • He contacts you on special holidays like Valentines Day, Christmas, New Years, Sweetest Day
  • He compares his new girlfriend to you
  • After getting involved with new girlfriend, he remains in contact with you
  • He tells new girlfriend, he can not severe ties with you immediately and completely
  • He makes it known or makes remarks that says he would like to someday try again, if you are willing
  • The two of you remain friends and can still count on one another
  • He regains respect for you such as when the two of you just met


Final thoughts….

Knowing if you are loved is all about reading the right signs. Just because there is a disagreement or argument doesn’t mean you are not loved. So don’t be quick to think he doesn’t love you when things get a little sticky.  No relationship is perfect. At times he may say or do something you feel was “unloving”.

However, understanding if he loves you is more about what he’s doing more than what he’s saying. It’s how he handles situations and treats you.  A man that loves you does not let things like an arguments or disagreement come between the two of you. He tries to make things right whether or not you’re agreeable to it.  He admits when he was wrong and apologizes.  Action always speaks louder than words.

Article by Candace Harrison


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