Does He Love Me? Take the Love Test to See if He Does

Find Out if He Loves You or Not - Take the QuizDo you question if he loves you?  You are not alone, many women wonder about this. It could be due to many factors you ask this.

It could be that your man is: mean to you, doesn’t appear to be emotionally connected to you, has a very uncaring attitude about things,  never says he loves you, always criticizing you, doesn’t seem reasonable and the list could go on and on.  This article will show you how to test yourself to see if he loves you.

“He Never Says I Love You”

Before we go into the test,  if you’re dealing with a man that simply never says he loves you, but clearly in many ways shows you that he does then the problem isn’t  loving you. The problem could be, for example,  he comes from a family that really never said “I Love You”. They more or less showed love via expressions of love,  and doing things for one another.

A situation like this is no cause for alarm.  Talk to him about this, but don’t expect change overnight.  He’ll need time to adjust and getting his mind and lips to comfortably says those words. A little change over time is better than no change at all.

However, if you feel he treats you good and you feel truly loved without  a doubt, then more than likely you are. Enjoy it.

“I Can’t Figure Him Out”

The problem with trying to figure out if he loves you happens when a man is sending you mixed signals . Mixed signals like: he wants to be with you sexually but doesn’t want a serious relationship with you or he keeps encouraging you to be with him, but he doesn’t want to commit to you or he says he really loves you but you can’t tell he does or he’s satisfied with just being friends and not taking the relationship further. All these things makes you question if you are loved. If you are dealing with these kinds of mixed signals, this love  test surely is for you!

Take this Love Test.


Ask Yourself: 

1.  Does he want a future with me?  Y or N

2. Does he consider us to be a team and best friends? Y or N

3. Does he share his inner most personal life with me? Y or N

4. Can I talk to him about what I’m feeling without him blowing up or blowing me off? Y or N

5. Does he take me around his family, friends and kids if any? Y or N

6. Does he NOT use me for financial gains? Y or N

7. Do I feel I’m the only one he is seeing? Y or N

8. Does he NOT intentionally hurt me with his actions or words? Y or N

9. Does he respect me as an intelligent woman with a good head on my shoulders Y or N

10. Does he try to make me laugh and smile? Y or N

11. Do I really feel loved Y or N

What Your Answers Mean

If you answered YES  to these questions then surely love is in the air.  So if you feel doubts, what could really be bothering you? Are you harboring some damage from past relationships?  Do you have a problem trusting people?  Is your self -esteem low? Are you a jealous person? Sometimes we have to look at our selves to discover where the doubts or problems may be coming from, its not always him.

If you answered yes to all 11 questions, more than likely he really cares about you and loves you.

If you answered NO to these questions then Love is more than likely not in the air right now.  You have some soul searching to do girlfriend. You need to decide if you should deal with things or go for a fix.  Answering No to these questions says that you may be dealing with stress, heartache and tears more than you like to.  Being under stress can lead to a heap load of health problems like high blood pressure and anxiety attacks to name a few, its not worth it. If you decide to “deal with things” and hope for a miracle change understand the risks involved if you are suffering from extreme stress.

If you decide to go for a fix (fixing the relationship for the better), try it.  If it doesn’t work after giving it your all, spare yourself and him and settle for just being friends and end things.  Sometimes people make better friends than lovers.  Then too it could lead to a better relationship down the road when the 2 of you have had time to “air out” and let go of things that was keeping the relationship from progressing in the first place. If it was meant to be it will come back around. Ending things doesn’t always mean a final goodbye.

If You had a mix of Yes and No there are some problems that needs to be resolved to end your doubts.  In this instance where love feels a little “shadey”  you will need to decide based on your circumstances if you want to work on the things that are bothering you with him.  You could talk to him to try to work it out, get counseling for yourself or the 2 of you if he’s open, you can deal with things as they are  or if it seems to be un-fixable then taking a break from the relationship or ending the relationship may be an option. You’ll need to decide if what you answered NO to in the above test is an important factor to make you feel loved and appreciated in order to understand the direction you want to go in.

Side Note:

If the majority of your questions were answered with a Yes, there’s a good chance you can try work things out. No relationship is perfect, none are really easy. Some folks with the best relationships have seen troubled times. But it was working on the relationship and communication that got them to that loving place.

Keep in mind whether you answered No or You had a mix of Yes and No in your love test above, you can’t make someone love you. This has to come naturally from them and from their heart.  Should a man try to change simply to please you is not good enough. That “change” will last about 14 days,  he’ll forget he was working on change and revert back to his old ways.  A man has to change because that’s what he really wants to do deep down.When it’s what HE really wants to do, it will last and he won’t casually “forget” he said he would change.


The “Does He Love Me” Test Really Helps Makes Things Clearer

The next time you ask yourself  Does He Love Me?  Take the love test, by asking yourself the 11 questions above.  If he’s doing these things, there’s a good chance he loves you more than you realize.


Take the Does He Love Me Test

“Love is Like a Wind, You Can’t See it, But You Can Feel It”


Written by Candace Harrison


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