Signs of Love – How to Detect Them

How Do I know If He Loves MeIf you know what love is all about then detecting the signs of love is quite easy.  However, women today often are confused from the mixed signals a man can give off. They hear him saying “I Love You” , but Sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like he does, so most times the signs are not so clear to detect.

Signs He Loves You

When dating, the ground work for love is laid by the man who understands love and looking for love.  He’s respectful, kind, patient and he makes you feel like the only woman in the world.  From this, his desires, wants and needs grow to be more and more about you.  He’s asking all kinds of questions about you, your parents, what you like , what you don’t  like, your favorite color ..etc. He’s wanting to know everything about you.

During the Dating stages, a man beginning to show signs he loves you will start to involve himself more in your life. He’s bringing the kids around (if any), letting you meet friends and family, and planning outings for the two of you. He’s also going out of his way to make sure your happy, or simply have that piece of jewelry you always wanted.

The man that is beginning to love you turns from speaking in terms of  “I” and “me” to ” us” and “we”.  He’s cares about the small things with you. Like watching t.v. or just going for a ride or walking in the park holding hands. Even when you don’t want to have sex, he’s satisfied with time spent with you.  There’s no pressure to give in from him.

During the course of his day, he thinks about you. He sends a cute text or calls even when he considers himself “very busy”.  When you call , you feel like you’ve brightened his day.

When he eats a great meal, he wonders if you would like that meal too and gets a “take out” for you.

When he makes love to you, it’s  passionate ,with care and all about you. He’s more concerned if  you are satisfied than himself.

Everything to a man falling in love is better.  He smiles more, He laughs more, He wants to do more especially with you.  He’s sharing his ideas, thoughts and feelings with you on everything from love to his dream car.

When a man realizes he’s a better person because of you, he realizes he is falling in love with you. These are the Signs of Love.

What to Look For

You can be sure a man loves you when:

  • Your feelings comes before his
  • He Listens to your concerns
  • He Respects You
  • Hurting you is not an Option in any decision to be made
  • He is Patient, cool and mild tempered with You
  • He’s anxious for friends and family to meet you
  • He brings his kids around you
  • He knows everything about you
  • He knows your first last and middle name
  • He surprises you with gifts
  • He lets no one disrespect you, not even family
  • He remind you that you two are a team
  • You can depend on him
  • He never lets you down
  • You can trust him
  • He is Honest with you
  • He’s not involved in any other relationship
  • He’s not afraid to tell other women he’s happily involved
  • He turns down other women’s advances
  • He feels he has a lot to lose
  • He doesn’t curse at you
  • He’s always a gentleman
  • He’s not afraid to show affection in public, even if “gorgeous” women are present
  • He’s concerned about your mental, physical and spiritual needs
  • He try’s to be the best man for you
  • He considers sex to be secondary and not the main focus of the relationship
  • He asks to take the relationship further (ie. be his girlfriend, marry him)

The signs of love can be read during the mid to latter part of the dating stages. You will see him shift from being just a guy you are dating to taking on more of a “boyfriend” type role.  He’s the one making sure your ok and protected.  He feels that’s his job.  From here he’s asking to take the relationship further, he wants to be more than friends. He’s not a afraid to commit.  This is another sign he loves you.

However, if you have been dating a man for a while and he treats you like you are not important or just another female he’s dating, then no matter how many times he says he loves you , he doesn’t love you. He has not began to truly love you.   If  he’s not being respectful of your time, comes up “missing” some nights, is inconsiderate, and talks more about sex and sports than getting to know you, acts very secretive, and bad at returning calls or texts he’s not thinking about loving you or getting to know you on a personal level.

How Long Before I know He Loves me

Rest assured as long as he’s demonstrating  the characteristics found in this post,  more than likely he’s already beginning to love you. How long that will take to reach a full bloom?  There’s no clear answer on that. It will take as long as it needs to. The thing to be concerned with is, is he trying to love you  and is he displaying characteristics of love.

You too can play a role in how long it takes to love you. We can’t take for granted a man will love us just because we feel we are “love-able”.  We have to contribute to his love journey by not being overly possessive, critical, never seeming to be satisfied,  and changing from who we said we were on that first date.  If he feels you are a great catch, and you are making his journey a pleasant one, then loving you becomes that much easier.

No One is Perfect

Of course, he will make mistakes. Of course there will be arguments. But the Man that Loves you will always look to make things right for the sake of keeping the relationship together. He’s looking for the problem and trying to solve it. He’s listening and talking to you without being impatient or discounting your feelings.  When he’s doing these things, he’s showing signs he loves you.

Yes, it can be hard to understand if your spouse or boyfriend loves you or is beginning to love you. Maybe he’s not saying those 3 magical words or not saying those 3 magical words often enough.  Whatever the case may be, actions speak louder than words. It’s more about his actions than what comes out of his mouth.  If he’s doing the things discussed in this article, that’s a good indication your man is showing signs of Love

Article by Candace Harrison


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