What is Love? -Everything You Need to Know

What is Love? Love is said to be hard to explain. As it is often more of action than of words. Love has been explained as mystical, difficult, magical, hard to understand, a fuzzy feeling and the list goes on and on.

However, Love is a deep intense affection.  There are all kinds of love. There’s the love you have for a child, the love you have for food, the love you have for a family member, the love you have for a pet, then there’s the love you have for a spouse or mate.

In this post where going to discuss What is Love as it relates to the Love of a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend.

What is Love?

Love is a strong intense affection and a strong yearning desire for a person you have chose of interest. Love isn’t something that happens at first sight, as some believe. True Love is something that one grows to do from involving themselves in another person’s life and getting to know them on a deeper personal level.

Love is not selfish, greedy or puffed up with pride. Neither is love boastful, envious or only looking out for itself.  Love isn’t just what “feels good”.  Love Cares, shares, and gives more than it receives. Love always make itself known in the good times as well as the bad. Love looks out for your best interest and it does for you what it would do for itself. Love will hold and regard you as a important part of it’s life.


Love is Not Easy

It’s easy for a person to show love when times are good. It’s easy to say I love you when all seem to be going right. However, the true test of love comes when things are not going so right.

Let me explain it to you this way……

It’s very easy to get engaged in a heated argument, storm out and slam the door on the other person. Then after, you give them the silent treatment followed by sarcastic remarks when you do speak.  However, this isn’t how you show love. Love doesn’t support an argument by becoming part of the problem.  Love always looks for a way to bring things back in harmony. But sadly some that claim to be so in love with the one they just slammed the door on,  see nothing wrong with their behavior.

You see, the time you really need to show love  is when times get rough, such as my example of above. This is when you prove your love.  Slamming the door and giving the silent treatment are ways to keep the fire going. In an argument, Love will not let the argument go on and on. It will not provoke more anger by trying to be revengeful,  trying to “fix” you or get back at you.  Love will try to take control of the situation and make it right.  What is love? Love is not mean and unkind.

When it comes to loving your mate, the hardest thing to do will be to show love, when they seem to be on your very last nerve. When they seem to be nagging or just being what you might consider rude.  However, if your love is real, you should be able to show love during these difficult situations just as you do when things are good. You can not claim to love someone, yet  jump off  the love boat when things are not going right.

I like to think of a person that is upset with you as being on the edge of a cliff. I tell my coaching clients don’t jump in and push them over that cliff by adding more heat to the fire.  Be the one that comes in to save them with kind words and a willingness to resolve the situation. Sometimes its just saying those three words “I love you” that can bring a person down from anger. It could be as simple as picking up the phone when they call , or replying to texts even if you don’t want too that can end their frustration. These “simple things” can help the other calm down and feel that you care.

Often when a person is upset with you they are not looking for you to make excuses, ignore them, discount their feelings or make matters worse with their own irate attitude. Usually a person wants to be understood, be heard and to have their feelings taken seriously.  When 2 people that claim to love each are at odds, one of them has to be the person to bring it back to  Love when the other seems to be on the edge of that cliff.  Don’t push your partner over the edge,  instead save one another by showing love.   What is love?  It’s being able to be self sacrificing, putting your own feeling aside for the one you love. It’s being able to show you care when times are bad just as you would when times are good.

Love is More Than Just Words

Love is always respectful of the other’s feelings. It never looks to hurt a person in any way. Love is knowing everything about the other ,  from their favorite color to the elementary school they went to. Love considers their mate a part of them, it cares for  their mental, spiritual and physical needs as their own.

Love is always “we” and “us” never “I” and “me”. Loves is a team.  Whatever they have,  you can consider yourself having it too.

When you ask yourself what is love for the purposes of understanding if you are loved, you should look at how that person is treating you more than what’s coming out of their mouth.  Love is not easy and If someone says they love you, rest assured they have a task at hand in showing it. It’s more than just words. It’s action and deeds.

Love when shared between two people is an unshakable bond. It’s a genuine friendship.  It doesn’t half step or give 50%.  It’s all of itself to that person. It gives its heart, mind and soul to that person unconditionally and without looking for anything in return. Without you, they feel incomplete.

What is love? – The greatest and deepest bond 2 can share.

Article by Candace Harrison


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