6 Reasons You Could Be a Fool For His Love – Relationship Advice For Women

Are you a Fool For His Love?Are you a fool for his love? Do you ever find yourself constantly being mad at the things your man does to you but still continue to be with him or take him back?  Are you always saying to yourself this is the last time he’s going to do this to me, yet you stay with him?  All women are probably guilty of this in one form or another.

The question is why do we as women do this?  I mean… we have to take a real look at what makes us stay with a man that we feel isn’t the right one for us.  Why do we continuously take back a man or stay with a man that continues to cause us pain?

Well it could be for several reasons a woman becomes a fool for his love.  The reasons may surprise you as to why women take so much from a man that does her wrong.

The reasons are, but definitely not limited to:

  • She don’t believe anyone else will want her
  • She has Low Self Esteem
  • She can’t stand the thought of him being with someone else
  • She believes he really loves her
  • She thinks being with him will keep him from doing wrong
  • She feels she won’t find anyone else like him


Now let take a closer look at each one…..

1. She doesn’t believe anyone else will want her.  Believe it or not, some women actually feel this way.  This could be because she doesn’t feel attractive, has kids,  or feel she doesn’t have enough to offer a man.  She may also feel this way because she doesn’t get approached by a lot of men or men don’t seem to gravitate toward her.  The man she is with is the man that makes her feel she is wanted.

2. Low self esteem –  This relates to reason #1 above. Low self esteem will cause a woman to take back a man over and over again after repeatedly doing her wrong. The need to feel accepted is great within a person that has low self esteem.

Low self esteem will make a woman not confident in her abilities to attract men. Neither does she feel good about herself, her body, or her ability to love and take care of a man.  Women with low self esteem often tend to be jealous and lack confident in themselves to be attractive as the next woman.

They continue to take their man back as a way to give themselves a self esteem boost so the desire to feel wanted and needed by a man is met.  When a woman feels no one else wants her,  taking him back helps her to not come face to face with all the negatives she feels about her self.

3. She can’t stand the thought of him being with someone else – A  lot of times people that are in an unhappy relationship will stay together simply because they can’t  imagine their long time mate being  happy, loving and having sex with someone else the way they used to.  The thought of it is painful.  So instead of ending a relationship, they will keep the relationship going simply to keep the other person from moving on.  Strange but true.

This is why some men (and women) will have relationships going on the side.  They don’t want to leave the one they’re with for fear of the pain it will cause them, but  still they want the joy of a fresh new relationship with someone else.  Yes it is selfish.

4. She believes he really loves her – This one can be tricky as you may have read in my other posts about love and lust.  If a woman can not decipher between the two, lust can be mistaken for love.  If she fails to see the reason he keeps doing her wrong is because he is not committed to the relationship, she may think he loves her when it’s really lust.  A woman that knows the difference between love and lust, knows when to take back a man and when not to…. Or at least she knows under what conditions she will take him back.  He will either need to step up to the plate or the relationship stays dissolved.

5. She believes being with him will keep him from doing wrong – lets say a man is cheating on you and you catch him. But instead of leaving the relationship you stay in it, only to become a “private investigator” (PI) and try to keep him from either not cheating again or not seeing the other woman again.  Women like this fail to realize a man is going to do, what a man wants to do ..if that’s what he really wants to do.  You being in his life playing PI is not going to stop anything.  He will cheat if you are in his life and he will cheat if you are not in his life….. if that’s what he plans on doing.  Being with him isn’t going to change him.

6. She feels she won’t find anyone else like him – Funny we feel like this.  Do we as women honestly think, he is the only one that can have good sex or be romantic or be generous with gifts and money?  What is a man that does these things but cause us so much heart ache at the same time? The truth is you can find plenty of men like this.  What’s hard to find is someone who has a good understanding of what love is all about and someone who will treat you like a Queen.  So don’t get caught up focusing on the wrong things.

Do You Think You’re A Fool For His Love – Some More Relationship Advice for Women

Of course there could be many other reasons women become a fool for a mans love.  It doesn’t matter if you have 100 degrees , making six figures, have a body to die for or not… most women at some point have played some mans fool for the reasons above.

It’s important to understand it’s ok to be a fool once, maybe even twice and I’ll give us as women a third time just because we are human. We all have been “suckered” into it.  But it’s not good to be a fool over and over and over again for the same man and complain that he keeps doing you wrong.   There comes a time when you need to work on you, your self worth and getting to a level of high confidence in yourself and stop the madness.

If you and your man can’t come to terms on fixing your relationship and you continue to be hurt maybe it’s best you two agree on some “air out” time. That’s time apart to get your head clear and ease the tension.   Maybe when you two have had time to clear your head you can rethink the relationship and try for a fresh start if that’s what you want to do.

I never want to give advice to say leave your man, because I don’t know your history with him.  It’s always easy for outsiders that don’t have any emotions involved to say “yeah girl leave him”.  So don’t take that kind of advice from anyone. However, my relationship advice for women is  always do what is best for yourself and love smart.  Know “when to hold’em and when to fold’em”.

Article by Candace Harrison


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Thanks for reading… check back for more relationship advice for women.

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