Find Your Soul Mate – Here’s How to Do It

Find Your Soul MateIf you have been in and out of relationships for a while and find you are always attracting the same kind of men… you will probably at some point wonder is it you or is it them that is the problem.

Women may also at some point during their dating lives begin to long for a soul mate  after being broken hearted so many times.  But since they are not really clear on where their relationship problems lye, they wonder if their soul mate even exists.  The truth is you can find your soul mate and he can exist. But it all starts with finding “you” first.

The first Step

The first step in finding your soul mate, is to take a look at yourself and how you are when dealing with men.

Do you:

1. Portray to be someone your not?

2. Pretend to have more than you really do?

3.  Have a problem with where you are in life

4. Unhappy with how you look or feel

5. Unhappy with your financial situation

6. Need a man to feel beautiful

7. Unhappy with Fertility (can’t get pregnant)

8. Have a jealously problem

9. Lack confidence in yourself

10. Lack confidence in your abilities

If you have some or all of the above 10 things going on, you will never connect with your soul mate if you can’t control these things. If you are hiding behind a mask pretending to be happy about certain things when you are not or portraying to be something you are not, no man will ever see the real you.

To find your soul mate, you must first become the real you and love the real you. If you are not happy with some things in your life, you need to work on getting to a level of satisfaction with what is bothering you. This way, you wont have to portray or be something you’re not.   You have to have confidence in the real you and value your worth.  So now when you deal with men, they come face to face with who you really are, they either love it or they don’t. You’re goal is to attract those that love it and ward off those that don’t.

Let Me Explain….

When women portray to be something they are not, they constantly look for a man’s acceptance.  They feel they need to be this ‘other’ person in order to keep his love or keep him happy.  However, this will only attract a certain kind of man to you, and it may not be the right man for you.  For example, if you portray to be a sex goddess to gain the approval of a guy you like, then he may be attracted to you for this reason. When you stop being the sex goddess and try to be the real laid back person you are, the relationship suffers.

You have to be what you want to attract. If you are real about who you are, you’ll attract a man that is real  about who he is. You can not pretend to be something you are not and say to yourself  “I want a real man”.   Like attracts Like.

Finding your soul mate, requires too, understanding what you value in a man and a relationship.  When you determine these things you become confident in what you want and you do not settle for less than what you are worth.

When you become the real you and have set your standards, you should seek out someone with the same realness about themselves and values as yours.  Real love can only be shared between 2 people that are real with each other. Love can not exist between 2 people that are not being honest with each other about who they really are.

How to Know if He is the One

When you have put into perspective all we’ve talked about here, finding your soul mate becomes “easier”. Once you have stopped hiding behind the masks in your life you can freely accept real love.

Take your time before jumping in a relationship.  Finding  that special someone will require a careful evaluation of what your prospective mate’s morals and values are in life and in a relationship. You are looking for what you have in common with him on these things.  If he is your soul mate, he’ll be looking for the same things within you.  You’ll find that the two of you share a common goal and that is to find someone to share real love with.  No games, No pretending to be somebody you’re not. The two of you will be looking for someone you can be free to be yourself with and someone  that will love you for you.

You’ll know when you have found your soul mate. There is no question about it when he is in your presence. Your soul mate will love the real you. He will love everything about you, not who you portray to be.  As a matter of fact, he’ll be someone just like you. He’ll be so much like you, he’ll know what your going to say even before you say it. He’ll know what your thinking even before you tell him. It’s funny when you realize the connection you have with your soul mate, it’s an amazing feeling!

Your soul mate will also be real and honest with you. He’ll be a special part of your life. You’ll feel you can’t breathe without him. Everything about your life becomes about him. Magically, it will be the same for him. All you feel about him, he will feel for you.

Finally, Soul mates can only connect in a world of truth. When you come to be true to yourself, you’ll attract the man that will be true to you.

Written by Candace Harrison AKA Shakira Love!


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