How to Find Love – Getting The Love You Want

How to Find Love?

Finding LoveHow to find love? This question isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it just seems all the good guys are taken doesn’t it?  Or could it be you are looking in all the wrong places or attracting men that don’t have the same values as you?

Whatever the case may be, when you are searching for the answer to how to find true love, you may be very surprised at the amount of work it takes to actually find the right guy. You’ll probably go through many relationships before you find that special one.

And actually, this is the process to finding true love.  You have to go through so many guys to find the right one. Unfortunately, a lot of women do not realize this and each time they break up with a guy they are devastated ,  because they don’t realize this is the process.  Every relationship you get into will not be the right one and wasn’t meant to be the right one.

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Why Some Fail at  “Finding Love”

A lot of women have a hard time finding love because they move from  courting a guy into a full blown relationship too fast too soon.  They meet a guy, they go out a few times,  then they sleep with him and bam! They’re in a relationship without really knowing all they need to know about him, his family, his friends his morals and his values. Likewise, he didn’t take the time to get to know her.

A relationship that starts this way may already be headed for trouble. When there is  no taking time out to understand who  you are dating, you really don’t know what your getting until the excitement and the newness of the relationship is gone and everyone starts to show their “real colors”.

Finding true love means before you hop in bed with a guy or before you say you’re in a relationship with him, get to know him beyond his good looks.  It means using the dates as a way to evaluate his conversation and actions.  Is he looking to get to know more about you, what you do,  and things you like? Then too are you meeting his family, friends and other important people in his life?   Or is he only and always talking about sex , himself ,  sports  and other things that’s not really about getting to know you.

A man that is looking for love will be asking all kinds of questions about you.  He’s trying to determine if you would make a good mate for him now and/or possibly in the future.  He’s  also telling his friends about you,  taking you around his friends and family,  and eventually he’ll make sure his kids, if any, meets you.  If he never does these things while dating, he may not be looking to move into a serious relationship. His conversation and his actions will let you know if he’s genuinely looking for something serious or just something more physical.  Something to keep an eye on.

What is “Finding True Love” All About

Finding love is being aware of what your potential mate intentions are and not ignoring any warning signs he gives you.  If you let his charm over power you  so you can’t see what is really going on, you could be headed for trouble. Good looks does not equate to a Good man.  At times it may be hard to get pass the charm, but if you are seriously looking for love you have to be about your business and not fall prey to his “smooth”  good looks.

To find that special kind of  love you’ll need to take your time when dating and not rush into a relationship. Don’t pressure him to be with you or tell you that he loves you. He must come into this on his own.

Observe his conversation, actions and ask questions. See if what he says matches how he is when he’s with you. The dating stage is the perfect time to put it all out on the table. There shouldn’t be any lies told by you or him.  If you are looking for love,  you want to know everything about that person so you can make a good educated decision.  You can’t do that, if he’s not being honest with you. So it’s a must you do your due diligence.

Where Do I Find My True Love?

No one can tell you when Mr. Right will come or where you’ll find him.  But if you want to better your chances of  finding true love and Mr. Right always be prepared because you can bump into him at any time.  I would  say use common sense. If you’re out a night club and a guy approaches  you, more than likely he’s approached 20 others before you.  So , this may not be Mr. Right.   Not saying that you can’t find a guy at a night club…just saying buyer be ware!

Online dating has become more popular than ever too. But still this isn’t always the best way to meet a guy. While it can be helpful in reaching out to men you may never have gotten a chance to, it could also be a little risky just like offline dating.  Use these sites wisely if you choose to use them.  Don’t get caught up in a great looking profile pic and bio as anyone can throw these up.

My best advice when it comes to finding love is to be patient,  date smart and get to know the person you are dating before jumping into a relationship. In these times it’s ok to do a background check on any guy you meet .  Not to say you should hold the past against them, but more to understand who it is you are really dealing with so you can make an informed decision.

Keep in mind too, when you’re thinking about finding true love,  Love may not come when you want it, but most times it’ll show up just when you need it.


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