10 Signs Your Man May be a Loser

Does it seem like you just can’t figure out your man? One minute he’s the greatest and the next minute you want to choke him? Well there may be a reason he just won’t get his act together…. he’s a LOSER!  I’m not saying this to call names or take from his education nor am i being degrading.  However,  women have men in their lives for a purpose and it’s not just for decoration and sex.

For most women, men offer a sense of having a stronger  counter part to add balance, joy, feeling safe and protected, feeling loved and beautiful, someone to talk to and share their life with.  However, when women get everything but these things it makes them feel as if she may be the loser…but she is not!  In a relationship the woman can  be the prize especially if she is a good woman.

For the man that has a good woman and doesn’t appreciate her goodness, for lack of better words,  here he’s called a Loser. Because it’s his loss that he does not realize what he has and what he’s missing out on by not stepping up to the plate.

While there are surely more than 10 signs your man could be a loser, this is just a small list. In future posts we’ll cover more ways to tell if your man is a loser or not.  With that being said here’s 10 Signs Your Man May Be a Loser:


1. He’s mean to you

2. He doesn’t act like a gentleman, ever , such as opening doors for you

3. He cheats on you, even after you take him back for doing it one time before

4. He always looks for you to cover the tab when going out

5. He never listens to you in disagreements, he over talks you always so you can never get a word in

6. He see’s you struggling with finances….  yet he doesn’t offer to help out in any way (not just monetary)

7. He can’t keep his eyes off other women when out with you ( talking about more than a glance)

8. He let’s his “baby mama” run your relationship

9. He only thinks of himself and his needs, selfish

10. He overlooks the simple things that make you happy


There is no denying when someone loves you! You deserved to be loved by a man that’s a winner, a winner of all your love and respect!  Never settle for less!  Visit other posts on this blog to learn more about how to know if your man truly loves you….

Post by Candace Harrison


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