Toxic Relationships – When sex is too good to leave him alone

Falling For SexIf you are in a relationship that is not making you happy but you stay simply because you feel the “sex is too good” then you might find yourself missing out on a world far better than just sex.  Being with the right man and having good sex is far better than good sex with someone that stresses you and doesn’t treat you the way you feel you should be treated.

Good sex obviously does not equate to happiness and good sex does not mean your relationship is the right one for you. Good sex can keep you trapped in a relationship that isn’t right for you, breaking you down the longer it goes on.

Let me explain…..

Often times in relationships where sex is the focal point of the relationship a woman can have an empty feeling inside. Meaning she doesn’t feel truly loved by her man or doesn’t feel he’s really into her. Either there’s a lot of arguing and “fighting” , he may have cheated, there’s a lack of respect, he doesn’t do much for her and/or trust may be an issue.

The only time she feels like she is “loved” is during sexual intercourse… Because this is the only time she and him seem to really connect and understand what each other need. But right after having sex she returns back to that empty feeling.  This can be brought on by the fact there wasn’t any mental or physical foreplay or after sex hugging and kissing.  Perhaps he pops up out of bed and leave right after having sex , argues with her, or just involve himself in other activities that don’t include her.

In this case, the sex act has no  love around it. It’s more or less, for lack of better words, just “getting off” .  This meaningless sex can wear on a woman mentally no matter how good the sex is.  A woman wants to feel the same connection and passion that is felt during sex, all the time.

Now on the flip side…….

When you are having sexual intercourse with someone that loves you,  sex goes beyond the physical act itself. When a man loves you, everything that he feels for you comes through, making sex good not only on a physical level but a mental one too.  You see, when there’s more respect in a relationship and he’s really doing his part as your man this mental “foreplay” is what takes away the empty feeling inside because you trully feel loved.

Then too, when you two are done having sex, you still feel that passion and a connection with him. He doesn’t pop up out of bed and leave after sex. He may lay there with you holding you and kissing you  or even just talking with you. You two may even get up and do something together. This is how he shows love beyond the act of sex and keeps that connection and passion going.   There’s no empty feeling. You feel love before, during and after sex, which is a feeling women long for.

You can Have that “It’s too Good to Leave Him Alone Sex” with Anyone You Love

Sex can be as good as you make it.  The trick is not to solely rely on your partner to do all the work. You should  learn how to get to your own orgasm or sexual fulfillment  when having sex with your man. When you are not solely relying on him every time to get you to climax,  you can really make sex as good  and as spicy as you want it to be.  Yes you can take boring sex and make it really erotic and exotic. However, you can’t just show up to the party.  You got to get involved, get creative, get sexy and the two of you learn how to make the best love to one another.  In cases where the sex department may need work, this is what you have to do…and If you do it right, it will be good sex for you.

The thing with sex is that  sex starts before the two of you even get into the act itself. It’s everything leading up to the sex act  that makes sex …good. It’s how he treats you, the things he says to you, his cute text messages, the laughs, the I Love You’s, the small thoughtful gifts, respect and the spending time together that makes sex really good…it’s about all that’s been going on over the years and over the months and the past days…this is the “mental foreplay”  that makes sex great with your partner.

A man that loves you will express his love even more during sex, he just not “pounding” you or trying to impress you with fancy positions. He’s showing you just how much he loves you…..He’s making love to you.  Sex is an extension of his love. This is not only good sex but the best kind of Sex.  This is the kind of sex that has meaning and can lead to other things like marriage and a long  meaningful life with someone.

In conclusion…..

If you are with someone and you two seem to connect in the area of sex but the relationship is really not the best for you,  there’s a lot to consider as mentioned in this article.  Even though sex with this person  may be the “greatest sex” you every had with anyone,  you have to think, where is it going?  What’s left when things start to die down and the “thrill” is gone? Is there a true friendship you can rely on?..  And is he someone that respects you and loves you and want to share everything he has with you?  These are the things you have to start to get real with at some point.

True many women get hung up on the guy with the “good unbelievable sex”. That’s normal, it happens. But the key is not let it keep you trapped in a relationship you know isn’t right for you.

Life is really short and you could find yourself attached to a man for all the wrong reasons while time slips on by. Before you know it, you’ve gotten older and you’ve let several good men slip away. You don’t get time back. So you have to make sure the one your with is someone who’s going to love you the way you need to be loved and want to be with you for the long haul.

Only you know what is best for yourself and your situation. So, always make the right choice. Your heart will thank you for it.

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