Top 10 Things Men Don’t Like That His Woman Does

Top 10 Things Your Man Hate for You to DoMen Don’t Like When Their Woman:

1.  Argues through text messages – Guys don’t like to argue via text.  Neither do they like having to read 25 text messages and be expected to reply.  They much rather you say what you need to say over the phone and be done with it than get blasted with argumentative texts all day long.

2. Likes to Set Him Up – A lot of times women will already know the answer to what they want to know about their man. But instead of just coming out and saying it, women will ask trick questions to see how he answers. Whether a guy is lying or not… he hates to be set up for failure.  He’d much rather you come straight out and tell him what you know.

3.  Is Jealous Men do not like an overly jealous woman.  When he can’t watch t.v. with you or go out with you for fear of  “looking” at another woman the wrong way,  he feels he can’t hang out with you and have a nice time.

4. Isn’t Confident in how she looks – Men don’t like when a woman is not confident about her body.  They want you to  not be afraid to be yourself  with him and be confident in how you look.  While you may think you are “fat” or “not in shape” and want to hide behind towels and robe at bed time, he wants you to show him your stuff.  He loves your body, but he hates when you don’t.  He “doesn’t like” having to coach you out of a robe or see you fully covered coming to bed simply to hide yourself.

5.  Is Overly critical  – Men don’t like to have everything they do analyzed for perfection. They like to know it’s ok to make a mistake.  Neither does he like to be constantly reminded of past wrongs  and never seeming to be able to recover from it.

6.  Is too “Nosy” Guys don’t like to be questioned about who they’re on the phone with or who they are texting every time they are anywhere near their cell phone.  They don’t like the  constant questioning that makes them feel you don’t trust them or they don’t have any kind of privacy.

7.   Doesn’t want to wear something sexy he likes – Men don’t mind you dressing to be yourself,  but at times there may be a sexy outfit he wants to see you in.  Men  don’t like when they ask you to wear something they like and you reply “I’m not wearing that, that’s not me, I don’t wear anything with lace”.   They really like seeing their woman wearing something they like.

8. Is  Always Late– Men get a little impatient when they are constantly waiting for you to get dressed. They don’t like being set back 45 minutes waiting for you to get dressed especially when they feel you look good enough already.  When he’s ready, most times he expect you to be ready too.

9. “Twist” Everything  He Says Men don’t like when they say something that makes perfectly good sense, be taken by you and twisted to mean something totally different than what he intended.  They don’t like to have everything they say be “twisted and turned upside down” for the  the sake of keeping an argument going and making him feel bad.

10. Never initiates sex -Men don’t like to always be the one to initiate sex.  They like for their woman to sometimes make the first move and get things going.   He enjoys sitting back and letting you “do” him at times.

I’m sure we can create a lot more Top 10’s on this subject..So check back for more Relationship Advice for Women & The  Top 10 Things Men Don’t Like That His Woman Does!

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Article by Candace Harrison

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